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“18% of Fatal Accidents…”

It’s a sobering statistic when it comes to drinking and driving.
According to the state of Tennessee, 18 percent of fatal accidents in 2004 were alcohol related.
Not only can Drunk driving be deadly, it could also leave you bankrupt, and in financial ruin.

“You should never drink and drive…forget about the monetary costs like fines and penalties…don’t even consider the lawyer fees for DWI, it just isn’t worth killing somebody….that’s really the only thing you should think about when considering the cost of a DWI.” —Criminal Attorney – Houston

“What do I tell my [potential] clients about driving while intoxicated? I tell them don’t do it. I tell them it’s not worth killing somebody’s dad, sister, or child. It is absolutely STUPID that in 2017 we are still trying to convince people not to drink and drive. I mean, damn man, just hire an UBER or LYFT…it’s too damn easy and freaking cheap.” -Aaron Smith, JD