What is Divorce, How to Divorce, How to Get a Divorce and How to Do It Yourself Divorce are explained by Ed Sherman of NoloDivorce.

Let’s discuss how to get a divorce, or the best way to get a divorce.

• Two divorces—Real Divorce and Legal Divorce.
• Real Divorce …doing your best Make Any Divorce Better, has a long chapter that will help you deal with these challenges.
• The Legal Divorce more limited and narrowly defined, but can also be dangerous and if not approached carefully and handled correctly, it can blow up and wreck your life.
» Every divorce starts with a Petition and ends with a Judgment.
» To get divorced, you need a Judgment that orders the end. 
It will also include:
 Findings of facts re term of marriage, and also money, property and children—even if all it says is that you don’t have any.
» If you do have marital property / debts, there will be orders re how they will be divided.
» Whether there will be spousal support (or alimony).
» And, if minor children, must be orders about support and care.

Money, property and children, that’s what it’s about, that’s all.

How you get from Petition to Judgment makes all the difference in the world—between a fairly easy and inexpensive divorce, or a legal battle that turns your life into a nightmare and wrecks your emotional and financial future.

The easy, smooth divorces; no opposition, so all you need is paperwork and red tape. Uncontested Divorces and they don’t have to cost a lot or take a long time.

Two situations: (1) spouse is long gone or doesn’t care or (2), you are able to work out a written agreement settling all issues.

• But look! If you try to settle disagreements in court—which is what most attorneys do—then you have a Contested divorce, and things can get very ugly, wreck your life and undermine your emotional and financial future.
• Here is what happens to most people. One spouse retains an attorney who files a Petition that gets served on the other spouse. Getting served is very scary and upsetting. So the other spouse gets an attorney, a Response is filed, and the case becomes contested, complicated, ruinously expensive and emotionally destructive. This nightmare can drag on for years.

• But this does not have to happen to you! In my book, Make Any Divorce Better, I tell you exactly how to avoid getting trapped in a legal battle and how to get out of a legal battle even if you are already in one. I show you all of the things you can do to turn any divorce into an easier uncontested case.

If you follow my advice, you can definitely get things settled in a smoother, easier, less painful and less expensive way.

Here is some more material that will make your job a lot easier.
If in California, you will find essential information and advice in my book, How to Do Your Own Divorce in California. If your divorce is in Texas, be sure to get How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas. For those of you in the other 48 states, I apologize for not having done a book for you, too. But I did write a six-page article that tells you how to do your own divorce, including how to find out about the laws and paperwork in your state. Go to the Reading Room at my site,, and read the article “How to Do Your Own Divorce,” and also the article, “How to Learn About the Law in Your State.”
The two “How to Do Your Own Divorce” books are a guide for both sides to a divorce, whether you are the Petitioner or Respondent.
Each book explains the decisions you need to make and the laws that apply to your case.with practical advice and guidance.
They show you how to make a marital settlement agreement and include all the forms you will need with step-by-step instructions, all the way to your Judgment.
These books are always up to date. They are reprinted regularly to keep current with changes in laws and forms and I post update notes on our web site to tell you about any new laws forms or other changes, whenever they occur.